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School of Animated Film, Borivoj Dovniković Bordo


Association for Reanimation of Storytelling 2 Reels has in December 2007, in collaboration with the CINEMA! / KINO! Association for the Promotion of the Film Culture, translated into Slovene language and published the cult cartoon book School of Animated Film, by the Croatian author Borivoj Dovniković Bordo, who is better known as one of the pioneers of the Yugoslav animated film.

Bordo’s School of Animated Film is the first literature in the Slovene language which thoroughly and in a comprehensive way presents the traditional animated film. In it we can find all the basics, from the descriptions of tools and accessories to the detailed instructions on how to animate the drawn images. This book is actually a workbook for the future animators, which take them through the entire process of creation of the classic animated films.

Price: 18 €

The book can be ordered at: info@animateka.si

Distribution through bookstores and libraries Buča.


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